José Santa Lozano - Projects

Participation in research project (most relevant)

MECANO: Eco-efficient Mobility for Connected Citizens

5GINFIRE, subproject MIGRATE: Mobile Device Virtualization through State Transfer

SCOOTER: Systems for Cooperative Two-Wheel Vehicles

PERSEIDES: Pursuing Continuinity in Emergent Intelligent Services from IoT Based Smart Objects

5G-MOBIX: 5G for Cooperative & Connected Automated Mobility on X-Border Corridors

5GINFIRE, subproject SURROGATES: Virtual OBUs and Hybrid Communications to Foster 5G Vehicular Services

S-Ciclo: Cooperative ITS Systems for Two-Wheel Vulnerable Road Users

FOTsis: European Field Operational Test on Safe, Intelligent and Sustainable Road Operation

Walkie-Talkie: Vehicular Communication Systems to Enable Safer, Smarter, and Greener Transportation

ITSSv6: IPv6 ITS Station Stack for Cooperative Systems FOTs

OASIS: Operación de Autopistas Seguras, Inteligentes y Sostenibles


SEISCIENTOS: providing adaptive ubiquitous services in vehicular contexts

TIMI: Transporte Inteligente de Mercancía Intermodal

GIROADS: GNSS Introduction in the Road Sector