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Welcome to Jordi Ortiz web page

Jordi Ortiz is an Assistant Professor at the Defence University Centre at Air Force General Academy of San Javier at Department of Engineering and Applied Technologies, he received the MSc degree in computer engineering in 2007, the Msc. degree in advanced information and telematics technologies in 2009, and the Ph.D. degree in computing engineering in 2018, all from the University of Murcia. Dr. Ortiz has participated in several research projects starting with ist-Daidalos2 to Inspire-5Gplus as full-time researcher in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering from the latter University. He also serves as TPC in multiple conferences and reviewer in different Journals. His research interests include information centric networks, smart network management and automation and edge computing.

Fields of Interest

  • Video delivery
  • Authentication and Authorisation platforms
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • Network evaluation and enhancement in general
  • Network Function Virtualization and Orchestration

Research projects

Mr. Ortiz has been involved in multiple research projects in diverse fields:

  • AAA environments (Daidalos2, Stork2, LEPS)
  • Scalable Video Transmission (SCALNET)
  • Experimentation Infrastructures (OpenLab).
  • Software-Defined networking (GN3Plus, GN4, Smartfire)
  • IoT (Anastacia)
  • NFV (Surrogates@5GINFIRE, Migrate@5GINFIRE)
  • 5G (5GASP, Inspire5G-plus)