ORIENTATE: automated machine learning classifiers for oral health prediction and research


The application of data-driven methods is expected to play an increasingly important role in healthcare. However, a lack of personnel with the necessary skills to develop these models and interpret its output is preventing a wider adoption of these methods. To address this gap, we introduce and describe ORIENTATE, a software for automated application of machine learning classification algorithms by clinical practitioners lacking specific technical skills. ORIENTATE allows the selection of features and the target variable, then automatically generates a number of classification models and cross-validates them, finding the best model and evaluating it. It also implements a custom feature selection algorithm for systematic searches of the best combination of predictors for a given target variable. Finally, it outputs a comprehensive report with graphs that facilitates the explanation of the classification model results, using global interpretation methods, and an interface for the prediction of new input samples. Feature relevance and interaction plots provided by ORIENTATE allow to use it for statistical inference, which can replace and/or complement classical statistical studies.

BMC Oral Health, Vol. 23, No. 1, PP. 408, DOI: 10.1186/s12903-023-03112-w