GIRTEL is the Spanish acronym of Telecommunication Networks Engineering Group. GIRTEL belongs to the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT), in Cartagena (Spain), and is situated in the Campus Muralla del Mar, in the Antigones building. The research laboratories of GIRTEL are physically located on the basement of the Antigones Building. GIRTEL was created in 2014. It is composed of lecturers and researchers from the departments of Communications and Information Technologies, and Electronics, Computer Technology and Projects, with a recognized track of research activities in the last 15 years, Ph.D. students and under-graduate students of Telecommunications Engineering degrees. The main goals of GIRTEL are high quality research, training students and technology transfer. To do this, GIRTEL members actively participate in national and international research projects as well as contracts with companies. This close interaction with other leading academic institutions and the industrial sector makes the stay and training period at GIRTEL very attractive for students, specially those enrolled on a Ph.D. program. The goal of GIRTEL is not only to conduct pure academic research, often decoupled from real industry needs, but also to design and develop solutions with the potential of being adopted and deployed in real scenarios. The GIRTEL team seeks innovative publications, patent filing, and the implementation and exploitation of solutions through technology transfer.