María Victoria Bueno Delgado - Software

Intellectual property

Throughout my years as researcher I have had the opportunity to work with a great team of professionals, developing algorithms and software tools that have been registered as intellectual property.

  • Algoritmo de Lectura FSA Dinámico para Sistemas RFID basado en un estimador ML

    Inventors: J. Vales Alonso, M.V. Bueno Delgado, E. Egea López, J. García Haro, Fco J. González Castaño.
    Registered number: P20/2009
    Date: 09/01/2009
    Brief description: This algorithm is one of the results of the work done on my thesis and analytical and simulation results prove that the algorithm improves the performance of the identification process in a passive RFID system UHF with a single reader and a high population of uhf tags working under the EPCglobal Class-1 Gen-2 standard. This algorithm is executed in the reader, during the identification process. Just before to start every identification round, the algorithm makes use of mathematical tools and information collected in previous rounds to estimate the number of contending tags that will participate in that new identification round. with this information the reader adjusts the time of the identification round (in number of temporal slots) accordingly, with the aim of reaching the maximum theoretical throughput in that round.

  • Business Cards Exchange

    Inventors: M.V. Bueno Delgado, Luis Miguel Navarro Frutos
    Registered number: 08/2013/1058
    Application number: MU-1044-2013
    Date: 19/12/2013
    Brief description: The main goal of this application is to use mobile devices for exchanging proressional and personal data as if the people involve were phisically exchanging cardboards. The exchange occurs with a simple touch of the devices involved. The data exchange is performed with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and it offers four operational modes: between two mobile devices, between a mobile device and a nfc-card, between a mobile device and a nfc-reader, or between a nfc-card and a nfc- reader. The application permits to create your personal smart-card to exchange, and also offers a data base to store and manage all information received from others, permiting to access them with just a click. People can store in their smart-card, not only information about their company, address, phone, etc., but also google maps with the coordinates of their address, social network information, etc. The application is offered in five languages. This application is developed in Android O.S., compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

  • RaGPS para Android

    Inventors: José Miguel Molina Martínez, M.V. Bueno Delgado, Ramón Alberto Madrid Paredes
    Registered number: 08/2014/34
    Application number: MU-304-2014
    Date: 16/02/2014
    Brief description: RaGPS is a powerful software application for mobile devices working with Android O.S. This software calculates, stores, and sends to others those parameters related with the position and relative distance sun-earth: the extraterrestrial solar radiation, incident radiation on earth, number of hours of sun, equivalent evaporation, etc. This application is an improved version of RaGPS for Windows Mobile O.S. This application is compatible with Android 2.3 and latest versions. It has remarkable details like elements in the screen designed to be compatible with tablets and other mobile devices; new methods for detecting and adding coordinates, through Google Maps tool; the height of a coordinate obtained by a web service; graphics included for increasing application usability, options to send the information of interest, not only using text messages, but also via Bluetooth, e-mail, social networks, etc.

  • Ecofert v 1.0

    Inventors: José Miguel Molina Martínez, M.V. Bueno Delgado, Rubén Correoso Campillo
    (in process)Registered number:
    Application number:MU-472-2015
    Date: 01/10/2015
    Brief description: Ecofert is a powerful software application for mobile devices working with Android O.S that provides farmers and agricultural technicians a simple and powerful tool to calculate the best combination of fertilizers to obtain the desired nutrient solution for a crop, saving time and money. Ecofert is designed to work with hydroponic crops, using proportional fertigation. It answers the questions about what fertilizers and what quantities of them we have to add to the fertilizer tanks of an irrigation system in order to reach the ideal solution, minimizing the total fertilizers cost. To do this, Ecofert needs some input parameters: (i) the composition of the water used for irrigation, (ii) the ideal nutrient solution of the crop of interest and a (iii) set of fertilizers, specifying their composition and price. The first two are used to obtain, by fertigation technique, which nutrients we need to add to the water irrigation in order to reach the ideal nutrient solution. With this information and a set of fertilizers selected, Ecofert executes an algorithm based on the Simplex algorithm for optimization, to calculate which of those fertilizers, and what amount of them, are needed to cover the nutrient needs, minimizing the total fertilizers cost.