Francisco Javier Moreno Muro - Papers

Papers are listed in year of submission before they are published, or year of publication.

Papers in International Journals


F.J. Moreno-Muro, R. Rumipamba-Zambrano, P. Pavón-Marino, J. Perelló, J.M. Gené, S. Spadaro, "Evaluation of Core-Continuity-Constrained ROADMs for Flex-Grid/MCF Optical Networks", IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking . Vol.9 No.12.

R. Rumipamba-Zambrano, F.J. Moreno-Muro, P. Pavón-Marino, J. Perelló, S. Spadaro, "Space Continuity Constraint in Dynamic Flex-Grid/SDM Optical Core Networks: An Evaluation with Spatial and Spectral Super-channels", Submitted to ElServier Computer Communications.

Papers in International Conferences


P. Pavon-Marino, F.J. Moreno-Muro, N. Skorin-Kapov, "Evolution of Core Traffic for Growing CDNs: Is the growth rate of core network traffic overestimated?", in Proceedings of The Optical Networking and Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC 2017), Los Angeles (USA), March 2017.

R. Rumipamba-Zambrano, F.J. Moreno-Muro, P. Pavón-Marino, J. Perelló, S. Spadaro and J. Solé-Pareta, "Assessment of Flex-Grid/MCF Optical Networks with ROADM Limited Core Switching Capability", in Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM 2017), Budapest (Hungary), May 2017.

Papers in National Conferences and Workshops


F.J. Moreno-Muro, P. Pavon-Marino, J.R. Amazonas, J. Solé-Pareta, "Use of topology and weighted spectrum metrics to evaluate the blocking probability in EONs", in Proceedings of the 1st Workshop in Elastic Networks, Cartagena (Spain), March 2016.