José Luis Izquierdo Zaragoza - Software

Net2Plan - The open-source network planner

Net2Plan is a free and open-source Java tool devoted to the planning, optimization and evaluation of communication networks. It has been originally thought as a tool to assist the teaching of communication networks planning courses. Finally, it has converted into as a (in our opinion) powerful tool for network planning for the academia and industry.


MatPlanWDM - An educational tool for network planning in wavelength-routing networks

MatPlanWDM is a MATLAB-based publicly available network planning tool for multilayer WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical networks (also referred as wavelength-routing networks). The tool can be used for research and as an educational tool in network planning courses.


Important: MatPlanWDM was discontinued by September 2011 in favor of Net2Plan

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