José Luis Izquierdo Zaragoza - Courses

During my doctoral studies I had the opportunity to participate as teaching assistant in the following courses on communication network design:

  • Network Operations and Engineering. Spring quarter 2013/2014 - 2014/2015. M.Sc. in Telecommunications. Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
    In this course students acquire knowledge and skills to design, configuration, deployment, and definition of in-operation tasks in a communication network. Target networks are those deployed by operators or service providers of small, medium or large scale. Concepts explained here will be applied to a case study based on realistic parameters.

  • Telecommunications Networks Theory. Spring quarter 2013/2014 - 2014/2015. B.Sc. in Telematics Engineering/Telecommunication Systems. Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
    This undergraduate course aims to provide the students the fundamentals of network design, network optimization and performance evaluation in communication networks. The course uses network optimization as the mathematical corpus to analyze the main network design problems: routing problem, bandwidth sharing and congestion control, and topology design. Several optimization targets are studied: network delay, blocking probabilities, network congestion, network cost, and fairness in resource sharing. The student should be able to model network design problems as linear/convex/integer problems and solve them using open-source tools (Net2Plan and JOM).

  • Communication Network Design. Fall quarter 2013/2014. M.Sc. in Telecommunications/Computer Science. Politecnico di Milano
    In this course students are expected to acquire an in-depth knowledge on technological aspects of operational networks with special interest in optical technologies. Then, students will apply optimization theory concepts to design core networks under single-layer (i.e. RWA, routing and wavelength assignment) and multi-layer (i.e. VTD, virtual topology design) paradigms. Concepts like network resilience (protection and restoration) or traffic grooming are also covered in this module.
    Important: Guest lecture during research stay in Politecnico di Milano

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