José Juan Pedreño Manresa - Projects

Prospective Students

Training students is one of the main goals of our research group, involving them in high-quality cutting-edge research in different technologies (IP/MPLS, optical and wireless) and topics (network planning and optimization, multilayer and/or software-defined networking, network function virtualization...). Therefore, those interested in pursuing a B.Sc./M.Sc./Ph.D. degree under my supervision are kindly invited to contact me by email to arrange a subsequent discussion.

Past Students

  • Javier López Fernández, B.Sc. in Telematics Engineering: "SDN Tool for Heterogeneous Ethernet Network Automation". Co-advised with Prof. Pablo Pavón Mariño. Defense date: October 2016

  • César Francisco San Nicolás Martínez, B.Sc. in Telematics Engineering: "Integration and Continuous Development tools for Collaborative Software Projects". Co-advised with Prof. Pablo Pavón Mariño. Defense date: July 2017

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